What Do You Know About Sump Pump Switches For Your Northern Virginia Basement?

One of the littlest-thought-about parts of a sump pump for your Northern Virginia basement is the sump pump switch. Without the switch, the sump pump is unlikely to work efficiently – if at all – and then you will be faced with a wet basement in your Northern Virginia home. Understand how the switch … Continue reading »

What Does Condensation In Your Northern Virginia Basement Really Mean

Recent claims suggest more than half of all homes with basements in the United States have problems with a wet basement and basement condensation is usually one of the main reasons this problem is present in Northern Virginia homes. Finished basements that are wet from condensation present more of a problem for homeowners than others, … Continue reading »

Why You Should Use A Sump Pump In Your Washington DC Area Basement

A wet basement is easily avoided when the proper equipment is installed in your basement, in addition to other proper drainage techniques around your home. Choosing to install a sump pump is a wise decision to prevent a wet basement and improve health conditions in your home.

A sump pump is extremely useful in preventing … Continue reading »

Is Storm Water Coming Into Your House Resulting In A Wet Basement?

The vast majority of older homes have problems with a wet basement. The cause can be as simple as a leaking pipe somewhere in the home or as complex as water coming into the basement from outside the home. When a wet basement is the result of an inside-the-house leak, it is typically an easy … Continue reading »

Keep the Walls and Foundation of Your Northern Virginia Home Right Where They Should Be

Over time, concrete begins to fail and show signs of age. While the appearance may be a bit unsightly, homeowners should be more concerned about the structural integrity of their home rather than the way it looks and make repairs immediately.

Through extensive research, development, trial and error and field-testing, wall reinforcement procedures and products … Continue reading »

Basement Waterproofing in Northern Virginia Gives You – and Others – Breathing Room

It’s tough out there – people are losing their homes and jobs, and others are sacrificing to help out their families. No doubt about it, allowing your adult children or other relatives to move in with you during these hard economic times is generous on your part. However, these family members need their own space … Continue reading »

Problems with Downspouts Can Cause Leaky Basements in Maryland

When the downspout is not positioned properly, it may cause a leaky basement in your Maryland home. An improperly placed downspout can direct water to drain against the side of the house, and eventually leak into your basement. Even the best basement waterproofing system and techniques may have trouble fending off pouring water from a … Continue reading »

Tips To Identify Basement Waterproofing Needs In Your Northern Virginia Home

When you think of a wet basement or basement waterproofing, you probably envision a basement partially filled with water or significantly wet walls. However, you may also just suspect you have a wet basement problem that requires basement waterproofing procedures. Whatever the case, you can benefit greatly from these tips on when you need … Continue reading »

Protect Your Sump Pump From Freezing And Breaking During The Winter Months

Some sump pumps are equipped with an extension hose that helps remove the water from the sump pit and drain it away from the house or to a specific location. While the sump pump extension hose is very practical and useful during the warm months for watering plants and diverting moisture to locations it is … Continue reading »