Basement Waterproofing Baltimore Maryland

Wet basements are no fun.  In fact, wet basements can be frustrating and even frightening when you consider the damage water can do.  Fortunately you have found us.  We not only fix wet basements, cracked walls and foundations, we help you understand why they are wet or cracked, as well as the whole process of fixing them.  We are here to help!  Browse our foundation waterproofing resources or contact us right away to set up a free, no obligation, onsite visit.  You will be surprised how painless this can be.

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    Our promise to you on our basement waterproofing solutions.

    We market, sell, and install waterproofing solutions.  We execute over 56 different methods and/or materials every day with our own employees and never subcontract that work to another.  That means you can expect to receive what you were promised.  We are a family-owned and run local business serving the greater Baltimore, Md / Wilmington, DE area.  We are not a franchise nor are we an exclusive dealer of anyone’s product.  As such, BWN will introduce you and your basement to the entire array of products and services available on the market today.  That way we can solve your wet basement problem with the right method at a price that’s right for you.

    I have a leaking basement floor.

    My basement wall is leaking.

    I have water coming in or around my basement window.

    My basement leaks in heavy rain and floods.

    I'm having a problem with my sump pump.

    My stairway overflows into my basement.

    I need help with my downspouts.

    I have hairline and vertical cracks in my foundation wall.

    My basement walls are bowed or tilted.

    I have sink-holes around my foundation.

    My exterior basement stairway is falling apart.

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    Affordable basement waterproofing and foundation repair solutions to help you sleep through the storm.

    Since 1987, BWN has been in the business of making damp and wet basements dry without the costly excavations. BWN is a licensed and an insured, locally and nationally recognized basement waterproofer. We are the first basement waterproofing company to be awarded the Better Business Bureau’s “Torch Award” for outstanding ethics in the marketplace. BWN is the only waterproofer to win that award twice.

    One of the most trusted basement waterproofing companies in Baltimore for over 33 years.