Tips To Keep Your Maryland Home Free From Flooding With A Sump Pump

Many homeowners throughout the Maryland area never think about their sump pump until it is too late. Your sump pump is your first line of defense from the water that can easily seep into your basement and cause damage with everything it touches. Whether you want to protect the integrity of your home or your belongings, a properly functioning sump pump is vital […]

Is Your Downspout Causing A Wet Basement In Your Northern Virginia Home?

The gutter downspout is intended to direct water away from your home and ensure you have a dry basement, but when it is not positioned properly it may just result in exactly the opposite – a wet basement. An improperly placed downspout often allows water to drain against the side of the house, and eventually into the basement. Even […]

Tips To Identify Basement Waterproofing Needs In Your Northern Virginia Home

When you think of a wet basement or basement waterproofing, you probably envision a basement partially filled with water or significantly wet walls. However, you may also just suspect you have a wet basement problem that requires basement waterproofing procedures. Whatever the case, you can benefit greatly from these tips on when you need to call the basement waterproofing professionals. When the air smells of something […]

Basement Waterproofing: The Necessity Before Remodeling Your Alexandria, VA Basement

When considering options for expanding your Northern Virginia home and adding useable living space, many homeowners automatically think of finishing their basement. This often-untapped area of your Northern Virginia home can be used as more than just storage space, but before you do, make sure your investment is protected with basement waterproofing practices. A wet basement – especially a recently remodeled wet basement – provides a […]

Tips For Keeping Your Southern New Jersey Basement Dry Throughout The Year

A wet basement is not only troublesome but dangerous as water in your Southern New Jersey home promotes the growth and spread of mold. These tips on preventing a wet basement can help keep your basement dry and your lungs free of mold spores. Consider gutter extensions. Getting as much of the water off your roof away from your home as quickly as possible […]

Simple Tips To Keep Your Northern Virginia Area Basement Dry

A wet basement in your Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Southern New Jersey or South Central Pennsylvania home is more than a nuisance, it can be a health hazard as well. These tips to a dry basement can help save you time, money and even your health. Perhaps the easiest way to keep your basement dry actually starts at the top of your house. Check your gutters and downspouts to […]

Tips To Keep Your Sump Pump Working And Your Northern Virginia Basement Dry

The sump pump is a basic essential for keeping your Northern Virginia basement dry throughout the year, and keeping it running efficiently is the biggest of sump pump tips a homeowner can get. Most manufacturers recommend sump pump testing at least every three months to ensure it functions correctly. To keep your sump pump working as it should, simple sump pump tips include: […]

Is Your Delaware Basement Protected With A Sump Pump Alarm?

You made the wise decision to invest in a sump pump to ensure you keep a dry basement in your Delaware home, but did you take the extra step and invest in a sump pump alarm too? Even though a sump pump is the first – and often times best – way to prevent a wet basement in your Washington DC area home, […]

Protect Your Sump Pump From Freezing And Breaking During The Winter Months

Some sump pumps are equipped with an extension hose that helps remove the water from the sump pit and drain it away from the house or to a specific location. While the sump pump extension hose is very practical and useful during the warm months for watering plants and diverting moisture to locations it is needed, in the winter […]