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Basement Waterproofing in Northern Virginia Gives You – and Others – Breathing Room

It’s tough out there – people are losing their homes and jobs, and others are sacrificing to help out their families. No doubt about it, allowing your adult children or other relatives to move in with you during these hard economic times is generous on your part. However, these family members need their own space – and so do you. Should you put them in your basement, even if it seems damp or wet? Yes, but only if you prepare by having basement waterproofing done in your Northern Virginia home.

You see, a wet basement has mold and bacteria, which could make your family members sick – some really sick – especially children, the elderly, or anyone who has respiratory issues. And being sick costs lots of money and time, which isn’t going to help your family members, or you. The bottom line is that mold is unhealthy and disgusting, and no amount of cleaning and scouring is going to change the cause of the situation. If you have a wet basement you need to have basement waterproofing in Northern Virginia.

Mold starts by mold spores that float through the air and eventually land on a hard surface, typically a wall or the floor. When the mold spore lands in a well-ventilated, dry, cool area, it simply dies. However, when a mold spore ends up in a location that is stuffy, moist and warm – as many basements are – the spore sinks its teeth in and begins to grow. Once mold begins to grow in a wet basement, it will thrive until the moisture problem has been resolved, usually through basement waterproofing techniques. Basement waterproofing in Northern Virginia is essential to keeping mold at bay for this very reason.

For more information on Basement waterproofing in your Northern Virginia home, and how to prevent mold, please contact the experts at Basement Waterproofing Nationwide (BWN). There are reasons why you have a wet basement. BWN’s professionals are trained in over 56 safe and effective foundation waterproofing methods and materials to prevent a wet basement and mold in your Northern Virginia home. Contact BWN today online or call 1-(888) 430-6587.

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