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Basement Waterproofing: The Necessity Before Remodeling Your Alexandria, VA Basement

When considering options for expanding your Northern Virginia home and adding useable living space, many homeowners automatically think of finishing their basement. This often-untapped area of your Northern Virginia home can be used as more than just storage space, but before you do, make sure your investment is protected with basement waterproofing practices.

A wet basement – especially a recently remodeled wet basement – provides a source of frustration for homeowners throughout the Northern Virginia area. Whether you discover boxes of prized photos that have water damage or even just notice the obvious “musty” smell, a wet basement is the last thing you want to deal with. Beyond the damage to belongings, it also presents health hazards for your family as moisture and warmth provide the best possible situation for mold spores to flourish and reproduce.

Moisture in a Northern Virginia basement is common. The water typically enters your basement from the outside, making locating the source and fixing the problem a bit more difficult. When a roof leaks, it is rather obvious where the water is coming from based on the watermarks on the ceiling. However, when water enters your basement through the foundation of your home, it can be more difficult to identify.

The soil around the foundation walls of your Northern Virginia home contains a large amount of water from the surface or even from a naturally occurring high water table. Water can either enter the home through the simple means of gravitation flow, i.e. it flows downward, or through cracks or flaws in the layer of water protection in the foundation. Hydrostatic pressure from the soil also pushes water up through the same cracks.

Condensation is another way water enters your Washington DC area basement, leading to a wet basement. During the warm months of the year, warm moist air from outside enters the home every time a door or window opens and can lead to condensation on the cool floors and walls of your basement. The amount of moisture in your basement from condensation may seem like a minimal amount, but once it is there, it often stays.

To protect your basement and your belongings, contact the basement waterproofing professionals at Basement Waterproofing Nationwide. With more than 20 years experience in preventing a wet basement, our team of trained experts will protect your belongings and your basement remodeling investment.

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