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Pay Attention To The Smell In the Basement – Your Northern Virginia Home May Be At Risk For Mold

Even the tidiest of houses can suffer from mold and mildew growth, and not know it. Basement mold can be tricky to find, and harder to treat because it can go unnoticed for so long. You and your family are … Read more


What Does Condensation In Your Northern Virginia Basement Really Mean

Recent claims suggest more than half of all homes with basements in the United States have problems with a wet basement and basement condensation is usually one of the main reasons this problem is present in Northern Virginia homes. Finished … Read more


Basement Waterproofing May Be The Answer to Eliminating Mold in Your Home

Mold is ugly, potentially harmful and almost always present in a wet basement. No matter how much time is spent cleaning and scouring, if you have a wet basement you have a need for basement waterproofing. Mold starts by mold … Read more


Condensation in Your Northern Virginia Basement

Estimates claim more than 60 percent of all homes in the United States have a wet basement; so if yours is, you are certainly not alone. If your basement has finished living space you are dealing with more than just … Read more


The Many Health Risks Associated with Wet Basements

Wet basements pose a variety of hazards, ranging from deterioration of a home’s foundation to widespread mold damage. But did you know that wet basements can also post a variety of health risks? Wet basements are plagued by mold, mildew, … Read more


What Causes Wet Basements in Maryland?

Of course, water causes wet basements in Maryland, but that water can range from humidity and musty smells to rushing water. The only sure thing about wet basements in Maryland, is that a wet basement will only get worse until … Read more

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