Seal the Basement Before You Remodel Your Northern VA Home

Before finishing (or re-finishing) your Northern VA basement, protect your remodeling investment and prevent future costly repairs by sealing your basement. Moisture-related problems are the most common complaint of homeowners, and elevated radon levels effect one out of five homes. As concrete ages, it becomes more porous, resulting in water seepage, condensation, sweating walls, molds and mildew, […]

Why You Need a Backup Sump Pump in Your Maryland Home

A backup sump pump is a system used to protect your Maryland basement from flooding when the main sump pump is not operating. There are many reasons why you need a backup sump pump in your Maryland home: Your power can go out at any time Your main sump pump can become clogged or can seize up Your main pump’s float switch can become stuck […]

Protect Your Southern New Jersey Basement From Water Damage With A Sump Pump

Estimates indicate approximately 95 percent of all homes in the Southern New Jersey region with basements experience problems associated with a wet basement at some point. The best way to prevent water damage in your basement and stop mold growth before it spreads to your entire home is through the installation of a sump pump. Did you know that for […]

Considerations for Choosing a Sump Pump for your Delaware Home

Nearly all homeowners in Delaware know the benefits of operating a sump pump in their basement. The decision has been made and a sump pump is being installed, but these other considerations must be accounted for in the installation as well. Always use a corrosion-free housing such as bronze, stainless steel and epoxy-coated cast iron for sump pump installation in your Delaware home. […]

What Do You Know About Sump Pump Switches For Your Northern Virginia Basement?

One of the littlest-thought-about parts of a sump pump for your Northern Virginia basement is the sump pump switch. Without the switch, the sump pump is unlikely to work efficiently – if at all – and then you will be faced with a wet basement in your Northern Virginia home. Understand how the switch works and you can understand how the sump pump operates. Sump Pump […]

What Is Dry Basement Certification And Why Is It Important In Northern Virginia?

The threat of water in the basement of your Northern Virginia home is real to many homeowners and potential homeowners. Water in your basement not only can lead to mold and mildew growth which can lead to health problems for everyone in the home, but it also can be potentially harmful to the structure of the home. With a wet basement comes the […]

Use a Sump Pump to Keep Your South Central Pennsylvania Basement Dry

It should be common knowledge that a basement is constructed or dug beneath the surface – or under your South Central Pennsylvania home. Since the basement is below the home, it is below the ground and in some circumstances it also will be below the water table. The water table is the main culprit for putting water into your […]

Spring And Summer Sump Pump Tips For Your Southern New Jersey Home

Spring and summer are the crucial times for sump pumps in Maryland, Washington DC, Southern New Jersey and Delaware, as the ground is often saturated with water, which can lead to water in your basement. All homeowners in the Northern Virginia and South Central Pennsylvania area should take a few minutes this time of year to protect their home with sump pump maintenance and inspections. A simple test […]

Tips On Choosing Generators For Your Fairfax, VA Home

When the lights suddenly go out and cries of panic stream throughout your Fairfax Station, VA home, you will wish you had done a little digging and purchased a generator for your home. Before you decide to investigate generators, here are some topics to consider. Typically, generators are chosen based on the maximum power rating, or the amount of power […]

What Does Condensation In Your Northern Virginia Basement Really Mean

Recent claims suggest more than half of all homes with basements in the United States have problems with a wet basement and basement condensation is usually one of the main reasons this problem is present in Northern Virginia homes. Finished basements that are wet from condensation present more of a problem for homeowners than others, since the area is used as living space […]