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Is Your Delaware Basement Protected With A Sump Pump Alarm?

You made the wise decision to invest in a sump pump to ensure you keep a dry basement in your Delaware home, but did you take the extra step and invest in a sump pump alarm too? Even though a sump pump is the first – and often times best – way to prevent a wet basement in your Washington DC area home, the sump pump alarm is your next line of defense of your dry basement.

Most homeowners already know a sump pump works to remove excess water from your basement and drain it outside and away from the foundation of your home. The sump pump works to alleviate wet basement problems, and all those associated with basement flooding. A sump pump alarm should be installed in your South Central Pennsylvania basement as well to increase the effectiveness of the sump pump.

The sump pump alarm is an easy way to let homeowners know when there is a problem with the sump pump and the water level in the sump pump pit is approaching too-high levels. The sump pump alarm hangs in the sump pump pit, and if the water reaches the alarm, it activates. Sump pump alarms are simply an added layer of protection from a wet basement and potentially harmful mold growth from a flooded basement.

Sump pump alarm kits are typically available at home improvement and hardware stores, or anywhere that sells sump pumps. The reasonably priced sump pump alarm is a small cost that is well worth the amount of money that is saved by avoiding a flooded basement and water damage repairs.

Learn more about how to protect your Northern Virginia home with the added protection of a sump pump alarm by contacting the dry basement professionals at Basement Waterproofing Network. Serving all of the Northern Virginia area, including Maryland, South Central Pennsylvania and Delaware as well, the expertise of the staff at BWN is unmatched in all of the area providing reliable service by highly trained professionals.

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