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Keep the Walls and Foundation of Your Northern Virginia Home Right Where They Should Be

Over time, concrete begins to fail and show signs of age. While the appearance may be a bit unsightly, homeowners should be more concerned about the structural integrity of their home rather than the way it looks and make repairs immediately.

Through extensive research, development, trial and error and field-testing, wall reinforcement procedures and products – that last – are now available for Northern Virginia homeowners. The foundation walls, found in the basement or crawl space of your home, are just that – the foundation. These walls are the base for your home, keeping all of the other walls, floors and ceilings in place. If the foundation is not supporting the weight properly, bigger problems are certain to arise.

Fortress Stabilization Systems are often used to fix the foundation of the house, but also can be used to repair cracked concrete, reinforce concrete basement walls and maintain the integrity of the house. Using a Carbon-fiber/Kevlar Grid Strap – think of it as a reinforcement strap – Fortress Stabilization Systems has found a way to harness the advantages of the two different types of carbon fiber available.

Wet layup carbon fibers are used to cover walls and repair cracks, but are susceptible to moisture and may not properly bond which leads to failure in the future. Protruded Plate carbon fiber is extremely strong, but the rigid structure does not lend well to bonding agents. The Carbon-fiber/Kevlar Grid straps used in the Fortress Stabilization Systems combine the benefits of both other types, while eliminating the disadvantages.

The innovative design and structure of the Fortress Stabilization System can reinforce, maintain or restore the structural integrity of your Northern Virginia basement walls. The experts at Basement Waterproofing Nationwide have been assisting homeowners with failing concrete walls since 1987, restoring the integrity of the foundation while improving safety. BWN serves all residential and commercial customers in all of Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Northern Virginia and Pennsylvania.

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