Foundation Repair | Baltimore, MD | July 17

Foundation Beam Repair

Wet basements can severely damage structural framing.

This Forest Hill, MD wet basement was more than a nuisance.  Constant water seepage damaged metal Lally columns causing settling of the floor joists.  Furthermore, high humidity fostered the growth of damaging organic material in much of  the wood.  Here we removed and replaced the damaged structural posts and beam with pressure treated, adjustable columns placed on new footings securing the first floor for years to come.

Repaired foundation beam installed to support etc.

It’s critical that structural repairs in a basement be made by a qualified company.  These repairs effect the long-term stability and value of your home.  They should not be entered into lightly but rather with a wholistic approach.  Raising the floor can often have unintended consequences like cracked plaster or doors that no longer open or close freely.  Hire a professional with the experience necessary to give you a complete picture.  That way your repair improves things and does not lead to other costly repairs.


Repaired Lintel

Another way excessive water in moisture form can cause damage beyond the foundation is in the structural framing members spanning the basement windows.  Suspected organic growth fueled by excessive levels of moisture can degrade the integrity of wood components over time.  Here the lintel was removed and replaced after waterproofing.