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Protect Your Sump Pump From Freezing And Breaking During The Winter Months

Some sump pumps are equipped with an extension hose that helps remove the water from the sump pit and drain it away from the house or to a specific location. While the sump pump extension hose is very practical and useful during the warm months for watering plants and diverting moisture to locations it is needed, in the winter months it can wreak havoc on your sump pump.

To avoid a frozen sump pump extension hose that can lead to a damaged sump pump or flooded home, remove the sump pump extension hose when the temperature outside dips below freezing level. If the hose does become clogged with ice, simply unplug the sump pump so it will not attempt to work and remove water from the sump pit and let the hose thaw or simply remove the extension hose and try to operate the pump that way.

Making sure the sump pump extension hose is properly connected to the sump pump with a pipe clamp that is securely fastened is key to preventing most problems associated with a sump pump. If you live in an area that regularly drops below freezing in the winter, you should disconnect the sump pump extension hose before it gets cold.

Keeping the sump pit free and clear of debris and other potential damage-causing materials also is key to preventing troubles starting with a sump pump. Leaving articles that may clog the filter or become lodged in the sump pump in the sump pit creates the possibility of a flooded basement because the sump pump could not work appropriately.

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