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Rethink Your Crawlspace

When we think of crawlspaces, we might think of a dark and musty space underneath our house. More times than not, the crawlspace is a forgotten and neglected part of one’s home. However, by doing so you can inadvertently cause a number of issues within your living space. Common issues often found in crawlspaces include, but are not limited to: high levels of moisture, flooding, structural issues, mold & unpleasant odors. These issues are progressive, meaning they get worse over time if left untreated. Additionally, issues in the crawlspace can have an impact on the living space above.

What is often unbeknownst to most, is that crawlspace care be done in a few easy steps. There are many ways you can transform your damp crawlspace into an asset that you can be proud of, instead of an area that you shy away from and are fearful to take a look at. If there is active water in your crawlspace, first and foremost, it must be waterproofed. It is critical for the water to have somewhere to go, therefore a sump pump should be installed as an evacuation point for the water. Another great way to improve the crawlspace is to have it encapsulated. Encapsulating your crawlspace not only decreases the chances of moisture building up in your crawlspace, but also increases the quality of the air you breathe inside your home. Additional benefits of crawlspace encapsulation are lower humidity, odor reduction, and protecting the structural integrity of your home.

Lastly, another great way to improve your crawlspace after having it waterproofed & encapsulated is to have a dehumidifier installed. By using a dehumidifier in your crawl space, you are decreasing the moisture in the air and improving the air quality. Improving indoor air quality through moisture control can reduce and perhaps even prevent potential health concerns as well as contribute to an overall healthy home.

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