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Signs Of A Wet Basement In Your South Central Pennsylvania Home

By nature of design, most basements can be considered a wet basement – they are after all built into the ground where water is present. Water in the soil exerts constant pressure on the basement walls and it will eventually force its way through and you will end up with a wet basement.

When purchasing a home, it is always best to have the basement inspected by professional basement waterproofing specialists because unfortunately you cannot always rely on what the homeowner tells you. The homeowner may not even know there is a wet basement problem in the home, and if they do, they may not want to disclose this information because it may result in the house not selling.

There are distinct signs of a wet basement that, with a little guidance, can be easy to spot. Look for water stains on the floor or along the walls. While these stains could be the result of an overflow from the washing machine, it also could be from water coming in through the basement walls, floor or ceiling.

If the basement smells musty or feels damp, there is definitely an abundance of moisture in the basement. This alone does not mean there is an issue of a wet basement, it could be easily fixed with a dehumidifier, but it is important to investigate.

When mold is present in any form or color – black, brown, green, yellow or blue – it is a wet basement. Again, this could be remedied with a dehumidifier, but identifying the source of the moisture is important. Mold grows in wet, dark areas and cannot grow without either of those conditions.

Check for signs of concrete damage in the basement. Wet basements often will result in spalling of concrete, brick or stone. When the water evaporates from the basement material, the salt left behind will cause the surface of the concrete, brick or stone to flake, pop off or peel away.

Contact the wet basement experts at Basement Waterproofing Nationwide for a professional basement waterproofing assessment. Serving all of South Central Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC and Northern Virginia, the basement waterproofing specialists can help you identify the source of your wet basement and inform you of the best basement waterproofing plan.

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