Basement Waterproofing

Spring And Summer Sump Pump Tips For Your Southern New Jersey Home

Spring and summer are the crucial times for sump pumps in MarylandWashington DCSouthern New Jersey and Delaware, as the ground is often saturated with water, which can lead to water in your basement. All homeowners in the Northern Virginia and South Central Pennsylvania area should take a few minutes this time of year to protect their home with sump pump maintenance and inspections.

A simple test of the sump pump is the best way to protect your home and your belongings from the potentially dangerous mold growth of a wet basement. Remove the cover of the sump pit and slowly pour water into it, keeping an eye on the sump pump float that should turn the sump pump on. When the sump pump turns on, it will run a cycle and then automatically turn itself off. This is the normal cycle of a sump pump, and if this process happens as it should, then your sump pump is in fact working properly and you should not have trouble with a wet basement.

Homes in Delaware and Washington DC – and throughout the region – that are equipped with a battery back-up sump pump should also spend a few minutes and test the battery. Spring and summer are perfect times for rain and thunderstorms, and these are the times your battery back-up sump pump is needed the most.

battery back up sump pump is essentially an insurance policy (the battery) for your insurance policy (the sump pump). If the amount of water coming into your basement is more than your primary sump pump can handle, the battery backup sump pump is available to assist and if your electricity goes off, the battery back-up sump pump also steps-in to clean up the mess.

A quick cursory inspection of your South Central Pennsylvania or Southern New Jersey sump pump will identify any obvious troubles, but consider a professional inspection for added security. The sump pump experts at Basement Waterproofing Nationwide are trained to identify and repair any potential problems with your sump pump, giving you the peace of mind needed. Serving all of Northern VirginiaDelawareSouth Central PennsylvaniaSouthern New JerseyDelaware and Maryland, the dry basement experts at BWN can help you sleep better knowing your home is as safe as possible from a broken sump pump.

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