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Take Pride in Your Basement Stairwell

There are many ways a homeowner can maintain their basement stairwell. To start, it is important to keep your stairwell dry! One of the most common ways water enters a basement is through the basement door. Having an exterior stairwell drain can help prevent this. Many stairwell drains are only about the size of a shower drain, but enlarging your basement stairwell drain can increase your odds of keeping your stairwell dry, which will help keep your basement dry! Homeowner maintenance is important as well. Make sure to keep your stairwell drain clean and free of debris to keep it in proper working condition. Trimming the foliage around your stairwell can also decrease the odds of clogging your stairwell drain. Another way you can reduce water in the basement stairwell is by adding an overhang, or stairwell cover. This will keep the majority of the rainwater away from the stairwell. Sometimes a sump pump can be added to the exterior stairwell as an additional measure to keep water out of your basement.

In addition to keeping your stairwell dry, there are ways a homeowner can improve the appearance of their basement stairwell. If you have noticed key signs of structural issues in your basement stairwell, including wall cracking or wall bowing, then you may be in need of structural repair in your stairwell. It is important to fix any exterior structural issues before they cause further damage. Keeping your stairwell structurally sound will help keep the integrity of your home. Other lingering signs of moisture can include paint chipping, wall staining, or even remnants of mold. Having an exterior basement stairwell makeover done will turn your formerly unkempt, old, or damp looking stairwell into a modern and clean basement entrance.

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