Basement Waterproofing

Tips For Keeping Your Southern New Jersey Basement Dry Throughout The Year

wet basement is not only troublesome but dangerous as water in your Southern New Jersey home promotes the growth and spread of mold. These tips on preventing a wet basement can help keep your basement dry and your lungs free of mold spores.

  • Consider gutter extensions. Getting as much of the water off your roof away from your home as quickly as possible is key to preventing a wet basement. The downspouts on your home should carry the water at least five feet away from the foundation of your home, and if necessary you can carry the water even further with plastic or metal gutter extensions.
  • Fill in the cracks yourself. When you see water trickling or dribbling in through cracks or gaps around plumbing fixtures, you can try addressing it with an easy fix of hydraulic cement or polyurethane caulk. However, if the water is coming up through the floor the problem is groundwater and that cannot be fixed with a plug.
  • Create a berm or swale around your house to redirect water away from the foundation of your house to prevent a wet basement. A berm is a mound or pile of dirt, while a swale is a wide, shallow ditch.

For more information on how best to prevent a wet basement in your Southern New Jersey home, contact the dry basement experts at Basement Waterproofing Nationwide. Serving all of Southern New JerseySouth Central PennsylvaniaMarylandWashington DC and Northern Virginia, our team of highly trained experts knows exactly how to fix your wet basement and prevent the problem from returning.

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