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Tips On Choosing Generators For Your Fairfax, VA Home

When the lights suddenly go out and cries of panic stream throughout your Fairfax Station, VA home, you will wish you had done a little digging and purchased a generator for your home. Before you decide to investigate generators, here are some topics to consider.

Typically, generators are chosen based on the maximum power rating, or the amount of power the generator can create. Rather than simply picking a generator from the store, first think about what you need it to operate when the electricity is out.

For example, if you want the generator to operate all of the appliances in your Chevy Chase, MD home you will need a bigger generator than if you simply want to operate a fan and the television. Know how must wattage you need to generate before purchasing a generator.

When given the option, purchase a generator that has a revolving field. Revolving field generators do not weigh as much as other types of generators and run more efficiently. This type of generator uses up to 25 percent less power than a revolving armature generator.

Make sure the generator you choose for your Northern Virginia home is UL 2000 Listed. This means the product has been tested and approved for the specific wattage as is listed. This in combination with an automatic voltage regulation will help prevent voltage spikes from damage, causing more trouble than you want to handle.

Also, purchase a generator that has a displace phase excitation to maximize its starting capability and provide more surge power than other models.

When putting these generator buying tips to use, you will quickly see the benefits of a generator in your Burke, VA home. For more information on how best to choose a generator, or about whole home automatically switched generators to avoid the hassle with each use of a portable generator, contact the professionals at Basement Waterproofing Nationwide.

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