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Tips To Keep Your Sump Pump Working And Your Northern Virginia Basement Dry

The sump pump is a basic essential for keeping your Northern Virginia basement dry throughout the year, and keeping it running efficiently is the biggest of sump pump tips a homeowner can get. Most manufacturers recommend sump pump testing at least every three months to ensure it functions correctly.

To keep your sump pump working as it should, simple sump pump tips include:

  • Fill the sump pump with water every three months to ensure it activates and removes the water as is intended by the manufacturer.
  • Go outside to the sump pump discharge area and watch for the expelled water. When the sump pump is not functioning properly, it may run but water may not be pumped outside of the house.
  • Ensure the sump pump float is not restricted by anything in the sump pump pit. If lodged in place by debris, the float may not move and turn the sump pump on when it needs to.
  • Make sure the air hole in the discharge line of the sump pump is free of obstruction.
  • Listen to the sounds the sump pump makes as it runs. If it does not sound like it has in the past, call a sump pump repair company to inspect the motor.
  • Replace the battery on battery back-up sump pumps every two or three years. When the Northern Virginia rain starts is not the time to learn the battery is no longer operating.

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