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Use a Sump Pump to Keep Your South Central Pennsylvania Basement Dry

It should be common knowledge that a basement is constructed or dug beneath the surface – or under your South Central Pennsylvania home. Since the basement is below the home, it is below the ground and in some circumstances it also will be below the water table. The water table is the main culprit for putting water into your basement, which if left alone can lead to significant damage to your home and your belongings. Using a sump pump to remove the water from your home is the best defense against water in your basement.

The electric pump, called a sump pump, acts as a water relocation system contained in a relatively small area in your basement. The sump pump is activated when water accumulates in the sump pit and reaches a certain level. When the sump pump turns on, it pumps the water out and away from your home – reducing the likelihood of a wet, musty and moldy basement in your Pennsylvania home.

The sump pit is basically a hole in the basement floor that contains the sump pump. The sump pit collects the water in the basement as it flows in. The sump pit may fill in as little as 15 minutes – typically during severe weather – or 15 days; it all depends on the amount of water in the ground at the time. The basic idea of a sump pump sounds pretty simple – and it is – but this simple piece of equipment is often responsible for keeping your home free of mold and water damage.

To make sure your sump pump works as is intended, make sure you keep routine maintenance schedules in mind and adhered to. Check the sump pump and sump pump pit for debris that may be lodged in the pump head and cause damage or failure. Gravel, dirt and sand can accumulate over time and lead to clogs in the system – clogs that could be end of your sump pump and your dry basement.

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