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What Causes Wet Basements in Maryland?

Of course, water causes wet basements in Maryland, but that water can range from humidity and musty smells to rushing water. The only sure thing about wet basements in Maryland, is that a wet basement will only get worse until the cause of the problem is remediated. Having a wet basement can make you and your family ill, ruin your belongings, and even undermine your home’s foundation over time. Here are a few causes behind wet basements in Maryland:

Condensation: Created by high levels of indoor humidity, condensation can be found on your basement walls and any windows. A dehumidifier is an essential solution when dealing with condensation – and that humidifier should be monitored daily, and emptied promptly.

Surface water: Surface water can run down your home’s foundation and seep into the basement. How does the surface water get in? Gutters that are blocked and overflow, gutters that let off water too close to your house, or irrigation systems that are letting off too much water next to your house. Also consider if the run off is coming from neighboring homes.

Groundwater and hydrostatic pressure: When water comes up through the cracks in your basement floor or from multiple locations in your basement, that’s a sign that you have a groundwater issue. This type of basement flooding is fueled by hydrostatic pressure – water attempting to find its level – and when soil absorbs water, retains it, and then swells against your home, water will squeeze through any cracks or drains. Heavy rainfall or snowfall can lead to saturated soil and basement leaks.

Storm sewer problems: Storm sewer water can back up into your home’s perimeter foundation drain or drain system and come up through drains on lower levels causing a wet basement in your Maryland home. In this case, you’ll also want to contact your municipal authorities to work on their sewer back-ups.

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