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What Does Condensation In Your Northern Virginia Basement Really Mean

Recent claims suggest more than half of all homes with basements in the United States have problems with a wet basement and basement condensation is usually one of the main reasons this problem is present in Northern Virginia homes. Finished basements that are wet from condensation present more of a problem for homeowners than others, since the area is used as living space and may subject you to mold exposure and the resulting health problems.

Any signs of water on the basement floor – be it water spots, drips, puddles or stains – are usually the first and best sign of a moisture issue in the basement resulting in a wet basement. Moisture in the basement not only leads to mold and mildew problems in that area of the home, it also can lead to problems on upper floors as well. Condensation in the basement can lead to buckling and warping of hardwood floors above the problem area, making the wet basement problem more disastrous.

When warm air hits cold – or even cool – foundation walls and uninsulated cold-water pipes, condensation forms and the water collects somewhere. When you walk into a home or basement and it smells musty, this is a sign of moisture in the basement, often caused by condensation. The condensation may be in the basement itself, or in crawl spaces of home without a basement. The damage is more than just the odor however, as condensation promotes wood rot, buckling and misshapen wood floors and increases the likelihood of insects making your home theirs as well.

Drying out the basement may require more work than you imagine, and may require professional intervention as well. Opening the windows, running fans – or even installing ceiling fans, and operating a dehumidifier may be the best at-home solution for the do-it-yourself types. However, these steps may help but will not solve the problem of condensation. The solution is likely to require the help of professional basement waterproofers.

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