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Why You Should Use A Sump Pump In Your Washington DC Area Basement

A wet basement is easily avoided when the proper equipment is installed in your basement, in addition to other proper drainage techniques around your home. Choosing to install a sump pump is a wise decision to prevent a wet basement and improve health conditions in your home.

A sump pump is extremely useful in preventing a wet basement as the water that enters and accumulates in your basement is removed from the home. By eliminating the excess water in your home, you reduce your chances of sustaining water damage to your belongings while also reducing your likelihood for mold in your home.

Mold spores grow in areas of your home that are the perfect combination of wet, dark and warm – essentially your wet basement. During the rainy months, or in the spring as the snow melts and water becomes evident on the surface of the low-lying areas of your lawn, water saturates the soil and must go somewhere. Unfortunately, this often means coming into your home and giving you a wet basement.

A wet basement is often the result of flooding or drainage problems, and can lead to eventual problems with the foundation of your home and structural issues. Using proper drainage techniques around your home such as ensuring the ground slopes away from the foundation of your home in conjunction with a sump pump often will reduce or eliminate your risk of a wet basement.

Installing a battery back-up sump pump protects your home from a wet basement even when the electricity is not available to operate a traditional sump pump, such as power outages resulting from inclement weather. A battery back-up sump pump operates the same as a traditional variety sump pump, only with an auxiliary power source – the battery – that kicks-in when the power is off. Think of it as a wet basement preventative insurance policy. As long as the power is on, the sump pump is working; but the battery allows the sump pump to function as intended even in emergency or non-typical circumstances.

For more information on installing a sump pump, or a battery back-up sump pump, in your Northern Virginia basement, contact the wet basement prevention experts at Basement Waterproofing Nationwide. Serving all of Maryland, Washington DC, South Central Pennsylvania, Delaware and Northern Virginia, the experts at Basement Waterproofing Nationwide can assist in preventing a wet basement in your home.

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