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Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Sump Pump Installation in Your Maryland Home

When a Maryland homeowner — one who purchased and installed his own sump pump — walks into his basement and discovers water everywhere, his first thought may be that the sump pump failed due to a power outage. If the sump pump was a few years old, he might even think that the sump pump is just worn out.

Do-it-yourself-homeowners are surprised to discover that most sump pumps found at home improvement centers are not built to last — even those with a lifetime warranty! And if you installed it yourself, didn’t save your receipt and follow a strict maintenance schedule – you can usually forget about that warranty.

Meanwhile, you are paying thousands of dollars to remove wet carpet and damaged drywall. Your treasured keepsakes are ruined, and now you have to worry about mold making you and your family sick.

Sump pump installation in your Maryland home is best left to those who have the experience to do them right. Professionals, like BWN, routinely perform Maryland sump pump installations. They prefer high performance cast iron pumps for longevity and reliability. These industrial grade pumps are not often found at retail outlets.

So, what is the best sump pump to install in your Maryland home? It depends. BWN will come to your home and evaluate your unique situation. We will use factors such as size of the sump pit, pumping capacity requirements, and a proper location for discharge of the water. BWN will also provide you with water management advice to ensure your basement, furnishings, and treasures stay dry.

Sump pump installation in your Maryland home is best left to the professionals. Save your time, money, and energy, and contact BWN today.

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